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        1. YZ-400 Hydraulic vibratory pile hammer

          Hydraulic vibratory hammer YZ series are well developed by Yongan Machinery, and has been used in many big projects both at home and abroad, suitable to drive and extract piles for different geological situation except the hard rock layer. For example, precast concrete pile, cast-in-place concrete pile, concrete expanded bore pile, and so on. Yongan vibratory hammer range contains 11 models currently, eccentric moments are from 23kgm to 452 kgm, and centrifugal force varies from 650 KN to 8370 KN. Other sized are also available on request. The hammer is equipped with Parker motors, high quality eccentric and elastomers, ensuring long working life and trouble-free operation.

          YZ-400 Hydraulic Piling Equipment are very efficient vibro drivers that produce vertical vibration to drive or extract various of piles, such as sheet piles, H and I beams, casing and tubes, and so on.

          Technical Data

          YZ-400 Hydraulic vibratory pile hammer

          Eccentric Moment (kgm):: 226
          Max frequency (rpm): 1300
          Centrifugal force (kN): 4185
          Max Centrifugal force (kN): 4853
          Max line pull (kN): 2500
          Max Amplitude (mm): 40
          Max oil flow (L/min): 1300
          Size (mm): 2650*1400*4300
          Weight (W/O clamp) kg: 18500
          Power Pack 1400P
          Engine Type: CAT C18*2
          Max Power (KW/HP) : 1044/1400
          Max frequency (rpm) : 2100
          Working Pressure (bar) : 350
          Max oil flow (L/min) : 1150
          Weight (kg) : 15200
          Size L*W*H (mm) : 5400*2350*2700


          Projects photos

          YZ-400 Hydraulic vibratory pile hammer-Yongan Vibro

          YZ-400 Hydraulic vibratory pile hammer-Yongan Vibro


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