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        1. YC-35 Hydraulic impact piling hammer

          Yongan hydraulic impact hammer has 14 models from YC-3 to YC-80, impact energy vary from 24 KNm to 1360 KNm. It is widely applicable for most types of piling and foundation works. Various pipe material, size and shape such as concrete pipe, steel sheet pile, H beam, casing pile and shapes like round, etc. Hydraulic impact hammer can be used for fixed leader or crane suspended, the mounting type can be customized according to customer’s base machine. Our machine can also be used to extract piles or modified with adoptable accessories to do rapid impacting work.

          YC-30 Powerful foundation piling equipment is designed and manufactured for long life service with minimal downtime. Precise workmanship is adopted to hydraulic system including hoses, cables, couplings and other related parts, thus the whole system is reliable.

          Technical Data

          YC-35 Hydraulic impact piling hammer

          Hammer YC-35
          ?Impact energy(KNm) 525
          ?Working stroke(mm) 1500
          ?Impact frequency(bpm) 25/70
          Ram Weight(Kg) 35000
          ?Lifting methord Double?hydraulic cylinder lifting
          ?Length (mm) 8150
          ?Width (mm) 1670
          ?Height (mm) 1860
          Weight(kg) 47000
          Pile cap
          ?L*W*H (mm) As custom design
          Power pack 800P
          ?Engine power(P) 800
          ?Engine model CAT C18
          ?System pressure(Mpa) 24
          Work flow(L) 1040
          The volume of the liquid oil (L) 2200
          ?Fuel tank capacity(L) 700
          ?L*W*H (mm) 4550*1800*2400
          Weight(kg) 8500

          Projects photos

          YC-35 Hydraulic impact piling hammer-Yongan Vibro


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