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        1. TALOS 65 Side Grip Vibro Hammer

          Side grip vibro hammer is newly developed with new market demand. The hammer can grip the pile from both the pile top and pile side, no lifting height limit of excavator boom like top grip model hammer. If the pile length is 12m, excavator is 25tons, it can also do the piling job, no need to change the excavator boom. It is small, very convenient for installing and transportation.


          Technical Data

          Data/Model TALOS 65
          Eccentric Moment (kgm): 6.5
          Max Centrifugal force (kN): 643
          Frequency (HZ/rpm): 2300-3000
          bottom clamp force (kn) 336
          side clamp force (kn) 456
          size (mm) 1122*1129*2510
          weight (kg) 2655
          rotate/tilt degree (℃) 360/±40
          Excavator Weight (kg) 30-40
          Min engine power (kw) 150
          Hydraulic system operation pressure (bar) 320
          max return oil pressure (bar) 5
          pile length (m) 6~15

          Projects photos

          TALOS 65 Side Grip Vibro Hammer-Yongan VibroTALOS 65 Side Grip Vibro Hammer-Yongan Vibro

          TALOS 65 Side Grip Vibro Hammer-Yongan Vibro


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