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        1. Hydraulic power unit 500P

          YONGAN power pack is manufactured to optimize the hydraulic pressure for a constant stability of the job performance on high efficiency of operation with YONGAN piling equipment. It is made by our high-tech CNC operated machinery. Open loop hydraulic system ensures easy assembly and maintenance. Equipped with high quality hydraulic pump and top brand engine, maximum

          Technical Data

          Hydraulic power unit 500P

          ?Engine power (P) 500P
          ?Engine?type Cummins
          Max Power (KW/HP) 328/450
          Max frequency (rpm) 2200
          Working Pressure (bar) 350
          Work flow (L) 400
          ?L*W*H (mm) 3800*1500*2250
          ?weight(kg) 6000

          Projects photos

          Hydraulic power unit 500P-Yongan Vibro


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