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        1. DZ-90 Electric vibratory hammer

          Yongan has more than 30 years experience on electric vibratory hammer, and make many improvement. It’s equipped with spare parts of well-known brands, such ?as FAG bearing of 3 layers combination, hydraulic oil pump of Italian brand,electric components of Siemens, Schneider, etc. ?It has been used in many big projects both at home and abroad, suitable to drive and extract different kinds of piles. For example, precast concrete pile, cast-in-place concrete pile, ?concrete expanded bore pile, lime pile, stone column. Beside, it’s widely used in cofferdam, ?trestle work, offshore working platform, and also wind mill single pile or group pile. Yongan electric vibro hammer includes normal frequency series and adjustable frequency series. Adjustable frequency series can solve the problem of load start, and lower the requirement of the power generator. It could adjust frequency according to different soil layer frequency, saving time and cost.

          DZ-90 vibratory hammer pile driver?is also used very commonly in many projects.

          Technical Data

          DZ-90 Electric vibratory hammer

          Moter power(Kw) : 90
          Eccentric Moment(Nm) : 573
          Driving force (Kn) : 579
          Speed (r/min) : 960
          Amplitude (Mm) : 6.6
          Maximum Line Pull (Kn) : 254
          Length (m) : 1.85
          Width (m) : 1.3
          Height (m) : 2.5
          Weight (kg): 5700

          Standard components

          DZ-90 Electric vibratory hammer-Yongan VibroDZ-90 Electric vibratory hammer-Yongan Vibro


          DZ-90 Electric vibratory hammer-Yongan Vibro

          DZ-90 Electric vibratory hammer-Yongan Vibro


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